The GeM Contracts Database

GeM is made up of three distinct elements, the GeM contracts database, GeM Request for Quote (RFQ) and GeM's eMarketplace. 

The GeM contracts database is the only point for institutions who are members of a higher education purchasing consortia to access nationally agreed contracts.

For institutions it offers a central point for accessing all of the national and regional contracts open to your university or college with the ability for you to upload your own contracts to make this the central point for all of your procurement activity.  Each institution's contracts database is tailored to each institution ensuring your users access only the contracts available to them in line with your existing procurement process.

GeM allows you to :

  Manage your contract data

 Carry out up to the minute reports

 View only contracts available to your institution

 Local contracts

Find out more about the benefits that GeM offers your instituiton here or start searching for the contracts you want now