North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortia (NEUPC)

GeM is the central point for North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) members to access the North Eastern Universities contracts.

GeM provides NEUPC members with direct access to contract information for the consortia's contracted suppliers making it easy to ensure on contract purchasing across your institution.  The system is intuitive, providing an effecitve way to streamline purchasing in one central point to make buying the every day goods and services your university buys simple.

GeM  provides all NEUPC with a procurement portal which is free, easy to use ensuring that all buyers within your instituion can get the best value for money on the goods and services you buy every day.  Further to this, purchasing through GeM increase your collaborative spend while driving up rebates and ensuring increased savings for your institution.

  The GeM Contracts database houses all contracts open to your organisation to ensure buyers wihtin your instituiton can find contract information and pricing negotiated for the sector by the sector

  GeM's inbuilt Request for Quote let's you contact contracted suppliers to carry out mini tenders to get the best deal on the goods and services you want to buy. 

  GeM's inbuilt eMarketplace provides a quick, easy method for purchasing directly from pre contracted suppliers.  Using a procurement card, GeM's eMarketplace ensures that NEUPC member buyers are purchasing collaboratively from the best pricing while driving up rebates for your institution 


Getting started couldn't be easier for North Eastern Universities Purchasing consortia members.  Just log in to GeM now to start buying.