Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC)

GeM is the central point for members of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) to find information, get quotations and buy from the framework agreements put in place with contracted suppliers.   GeM is made up of three elements that all help SUPC members achieve a variety of cost savings efficiencies.

  Find SUPC Suppliers

The GeM  contracts database enables buyers from Universities and Colleges to search for all of the SUPC contracted suppliers in one central location.  The contracts database contains details of all the SUPC framework agreements and suppliers that SUPC members are eligible to start using.  By using the SUPC framework suppliers you can ensure that you are maximising your membership of SUPC.   Start searching for SUPC contracts now!

  Get Quotes from SUPC Suppliers

The GeM RFQ helps SUPC member institutions save money by ensuring departmental buyers get the best prices and terms and conditions from the SUPC approved suppliers.  The quick and easy RFQ process ensures quotes are automatically sent to all suppliers on an SUPC framework agreement ensuring the process is EU compliant.

Our dedicated supplier adoption team are working with the SUPC contract managers to ensure that the suppliers you want to request quotes from are enabled on GeM and respond to your quote requests in a timely manner.  This proactive monitoring guarantees supplier engagement which provides advantages over traditional eMail quote systems.

As a member of SUPC you will find over 70 agreements set up for RFQ available to use.  Agreements range from High Value Laboratory and Scientific Equipment agreements for items such as Mass Spectrometers; General Laboratory Equipment, such as microscopes; agreements for IT and Audio Visual Equipment to agreements for Stationary and Office Equipment such as Furniture.

Start saving your University or College money now by logging into GeM RFQ.

Buy Direct from SUPC Suppliers

GeM’s eMarketplace helps you to maximise your SUPC membership by enabling you to buy SUPC contracted goods and services at the pre-negotiated contract price. 

Register or Login now to buy SUPC contracted produces such as IT equipment, Stationary and Laboratory equipment with your University or College purchase card.