The GeM Contracts Database replaces CuPID, the previous contracts database. It is faster, smarter and easier to use than CuPID.

The Contracts Database continues to work as a standalone system just as CuPID worked. The system is however fully integrated with the GeM marketplace. Purchasing departments can now manage their contract data and how their buyers view it on a single, easy to use system.

The Contracts Database allows local contracts to be added to the system without charge for the first 50 (HEI) and 10 (FEC). Beyond these numbers a small charge will be made. HEIs that already have in excess of this number of contracts on the CuPID will have them processed and included without charge.

The new GeM Contracts Database gives users:

The new Contracts Database greatly improves the control institutions have over their data and who has access to the data. Institutions can set their buyers to view only tailored contract information or else turn on a fully integrated marketplace with just a click of a button.

The new Contracts Database removes much of the complexity that was involved with managing data on the old CuPID system. Users are now able to create contract data, workflows and permissions using simple to follow wizards that make managing contract data intuitive and easy.

The new Contracts Database is a self serve system, meaning suppliers load their own data and the contract owners approve it prior to release. The GeM Contracts Database has been tuned to be both smart and fast.