Contracts Database Benefits

  Manage your contract data

Institutions manage the data which is visible to their end users to ensure that your buyers have only the information which should be visible to them.

 Carry out up to the minute reports

GeM’s reporting system allows you to carry out up to the accurate, up to the minute reports to ensure that you are in control of the spend that is going out through your eMarketplace.

  View only contracts available to your institution

GeM is tailored to show only the contracts that you want your buyers to see.  The administration function allows you to set views in line with your procurement processes and any mini competitions that you have completed within your own institution.

 Local contracts

Institutions can upload their own local contracts to the GeM system to ensure that GeM is the central point for all buyers to access information when purchasing.  For HE institutions, the first 50 are available free of charge and for FE colleges the first 10. 

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