Benefits of GeM's Request for Quote

GeM's inbuilt Request for Quote functionality offers Universities and Colleges many benefits.

  Save money

Ensure you get the best prices and terms and conditions from pre-approved suppliers.

  Ensure compliance

Quotes are sent to all suppliers on an agreement automatically ensuring the process is EU compliant.

  Deliver an open and transparent process

Clear audit trail delivered with real time reports providing the procurement department with full visibility to ensure the process remains compliant.

   Easily purchase items

Winning quotes can be easily converted to eMarketplace orders or converted into Purchase Orders at the touch of a button. 

  Engage suppliers

Our dedicated supplier adoption team are working to ensure that the suppliers you want to request quotes from are enabled on GeM and respond to your quote requests in a timely manner.  This proactive monitoring guarantees supplier engagement which provides advantages over traditional eMail quote system.

There are many agreements live you to carry out request for quote's on.  If the agreement you wish to use is not currently avaialble, contact our supplier adoption team who will arrange for the agreement you wish to quote for items on is available.  

To get started just log in to GeM now.