December GeM eNewsletter

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Dec 20, 2012


Institution adoption kicks off with Sparkling new GeM Institution Adoption Team
The GeM eMarketplace roll out is picking up momentum with a new GeM Institution Adoption team working with institutions to roll out the GeM eMarketplace over the next six months.
This team will be contacting you over the coming weeks to discuss your use of GeM’s eMarketplace.  The roll out process will be tailored to your institution with work completed to ensure that the national and regional suppliers you use are ready to trade with you and your buyers. Local suppliers can be planned in separately, subject to agreed limits.
For institutions with a purchase card programme in place, the free to use GeM eMarketplace provides an easy, safe and secure method for institutional buyers to purchase directly off consortia contracts.  
If you would like to express an interest in being one of the next institutions to adopt GeM’s eMarketplace please contact David Summersbee and Simon Sparrow in our GeM Institution Adoption team by either calling 0118 963 7051 or emailing David ( or Simon (
TEC becomes the latest contracting body to join GeM
TEC have become the latest contracting body to join GeM providing TEC members with the opportunity to view all of their contracts within GeM.  Users can search for these contracts by commodity through the GeM contracts repository to view and search for agreements.  To find out how to search for TUCO contracts view the easy step guide.
Wolf Laboratories Limited is the newest supplier to start trading on the GeM eMarketplace
Wolf Laboratories Limited is now live on the GeM eMarketplace. Find out more about other suppliers now set up for trading on the GeM eMarketplace
For those institutions who are using the LUPC Laboratory: General Laboratory Equipment agreement, you now have the opportunity to purchase goods directly off this contract through the eMarketplace. To find out more about how you can purchase through the GeM eMarketplace contact JISC Procureweb on 02920 870333 or
A reminder to GeM Contract Managers
With the recent introduction of the functionality for buyers to be able to search by category, contract managers are reminded to ensure that any contracts added to GeM MUST be attached to an agreement to ensure that the contracts are visible to users using this functionality.
Guidance on how to retrospectively add an agreement to a contract can be found on the GeM Website
Office Closures
Jisc Procureweb and Supplier adoption offices will be closed from Friday 21st December until Tuesday 2nd January.  @UK will be closed from Monday 24th until Tuesday 2nd January.  
We wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to working with you in 2013