GeM Enhancements

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Feb 23, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the following enhancements have been released. A number are self explanatory, we have included training videos for those which require further elaboration. Should you require further assistance with any of the enhancements please contact JISC Procureweb on either 02920 870333 or There will be a training session for Consortia contract managers next Thursday details of which can be found at the end of this newsletter. 

Enhancement 1: Search Catalogue
Affects: All 
We have amended the name of the ‘search directory’ box on the home page to ‘search catalogue’. Search catalogue is the search tool, to be used when looking for a specific product or service.

Enhancement 2: Show external links for contracts/agreements for administrators
Affects: All 
All external links for contracts/agreements will be shown to administrators.

Enhancement 3: Hyper linking all urls and email addresses in the system
Affects: All 
All urls and email addresses in GeM have been changed to hyperlinks allowing users to move easily through the system.

Enhancement 4: Allow standard users to view price list line items on contracts
Affects: All 
All standard users are now able to view price list line items on contracts.

Enhancement 5: Central management of contracts belonging to an agreement. 
Affects: All Contract Managers 
Contract managers are now able to manage contracts that belong to an agreement at the agreement level. The change allows contract managers to manage subscribers and amend contract dates, owners and contacts from the agreement level which will cascade to the contracts below. Any changes made here will be cascaded to all child contracts. A how to video is available here and we will be arranging online training for this in the next week and will be in touch with invitations shortly.

Enhancement 6: Opt out of contracts at agreement level
Affects: Local Contract Managers only
Those with local contract management rights can now opt their institution out of contracts at agreement level. A how to video can be found here.

Consortia Contract Manager Training session

JISC Procureweb will be running a training session for both new and experienced consortia contract managers for one hour at 10am on Thursday 1st March. The session will provide an overview of agreements, GeM best practice, using keywords to improve searching, managing subscribers and recent enhancements. The session will help consortia contract managers to speed up day-to-day tasks in GeM and improve the results for end-users.

To participate you will need to log in online through the link: and also join the conference call by dialling 0844 581 9167 and entering the following ID when prompted: 750-311-496

If you have any questions, please contact Richard Haggerty at JISC Procureweb ( Please note: this is only intended for consortia contract managers, and is not relevant for institution users.
If you have any questions about these enhancements or the training session please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone on 02920 870333 or

Kathryn Whittaker
Marketing Officer