New look GeM landing page and changes to how institutions access GeM

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Jul 30, 2012

We have today launched the new GeM landing page and improved how institutions access GeM.

The New GeM landing page

The new GeM landing page has been split into Contracts Database, eMarketplace and suppliers. For institutions, this will allow users to quickly and easily identify how to access GeM.

There are now two ways to access GeM:

1) Users can choose to select the Contracts Database or the eMarketplace icon from the top right of the screen.

2) Users can choose to access the system using the 'go to contracts database' or 'go to eMarketplace' button in the bottom of the relevant section of the homepage.

Changes to how institutions access GeM

What have we done?

We have listened to your feedback and have developed a solution which will enable you to log into GeM using your IP address. This recognises where you are and logs you in to GeM based on your access permissions. In practice, this means users can access GeM through their university network without the need to log in with a username and password.

How have we determined your institutions' IP address?

JISC Procureweb checked all known Static IP addresses last month. An email was sent to all institutions which asked that you click on a link to confirm that we had the correct IP data for you. These responses were collated and used to implement this new login method.

What if your institution doesn't have a Static IP address?

Where Static IP addresses are not available this solution will not work and you will need to continue logging in with your current User ID and password.

How does it work?

In order to login you will need to visit and click the login button.GeM will recognise which institution you come from and show you the contract information which is relevant to that institution. This will provide you with contract information literally at the click of a button!

If you are unable to gain access directly in the system then please click on this link and, should you have a static IP address, we will set you up to use this access method.

Can I view detailed contract data and access the eMarketplace?

Yes you will be able to see all contract data. However, if you would like to carry out a request for quote or if you are looking to purchase through the eMarketplace you will still be required to log into the system using your current username and password

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In the event that you are experiencing any difficulties or should you have any further queries, please contact us at JISC Procureweb on either 02920 870333 or

Kathryn Whittaker
Marketing Officer
JISC Procureweb